Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Active Learning & Random Facts

After dreaming of graduate school, a dream in which I was pining for a teaching position, I read a post at White Hot Truth referencing active learning. She reminded me my real craving is for brain food (although the sexy idea of more letters after my name is a lust I hope to satisfy one day.)

Danielle's advice: Google or otherwise research three things you aren't interested in, or to which you're a bit averse. You'll learn surprising things.

I Googled greyhound racing (an aversion, natch), HAM radios (no interest at present whatsoever), and rabbits.

I learned:
  • I'd like to rescue an old greyhound someday
  • WV is one of only 15 states with greyhound tracks. Hmm. 42 states have no law against it.
  • Radio geeks call homemade equipment homebrew: adorable.
  • Baby bunnies nurse for about seven weeks. Based on life spans and the percentage of that age, if people were bunnies that would mean breastfeeding until we are five. Unless my math is wrong and it might be. (Most sources cite age 4 as average length of human nursing worldwide.)


  1. Sadly, most of the greyhounds I've known (rescued) were younger and fairly "broken" by life already :( But sweet... oh my gosh, those dogs are so sweet!

    My MIL's partner had a rescue greyhound who developed altzheimer's at the end of his life and was on numerous meds. It was so sad. His name was Remy, I'd forgotten about his name being that when we decided on Rem's name, it's now sort of an in-joke in M's family. We still would have choosen that name if we'd remembered, tho (I'm not sure if M remembered or not when he agreed to the name).

    Also, I had bunnies as a kid!

    But no experience with ham radios...

  2. That's an interesting post (and I secretly covet greyhounds too, although Graham doesn't like them).

    I'm so glad I'm not still nursing my kid. I love him but oh, nursing those last couple of months was pure MISERY. He doesn't even remember it now, which is a little sad.