Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art on a Stick & the Tipping of a Hat

 Firstly, I point you to the Facebook event page for Art on a Stick. My work is not priced or pressed or sorted or anything, but I have two days off this week and shall prepare then. Please come buy; it'll be cheap.

I am crazy far behind reading (and... erm, writing) blogs, what with making art and a three-feet-tall desperately needy creature tugging at me every two minutes. Had I been on my game, I'd have pointed you already to Rudy Panucci's PopCult post on our last Artwalk. He has great photos, including this one, which I stole then vandalized:

I always intend to do Artwalk posts but I am too drunk because of the free wine they MAKE me drink usually get busy and forget. Because of the drinking meeting so many new people I can't remember the artist of that lovely open bird cage. Maybe Leslie? Help me, Joe? Rudy? Anyone?

...And my work is ready for next Thursday's FestivALL Super Artwalk:)

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