Monday, June 22, 2009

AWOL Blogger Apologies

I miss you, darling dotcom of mine. I'm just having this phenomenon that is like being at the base of a waterfall and life is the waterfall and life keeps dumping stuff on me. Bills are like rocks or debris and then there are shiny lovely things being thrown at my too like art shows by the dozen and Dora Live... There is something on my schedule every single day this week. Plus work. Plus, every calendar entry should have this caveat:

*subject to Toddler approval, for however much you think you, Mama, are in charge of the day-to-day living of your life, the Tiny Screaming Miniature Person is actually the decider. She has tantrumy, ear-splitting veto power over everything.

But it is sort of awesome to have arty hive mind going on in my town. Buswater was amazing (blog entry that is like a term paper about new-to-me artist Erin and her photos that put me in a Tracey Emin headspace coming soon.) I missed the Art on a Stick Sale (and all that cashola I was going to raise) because of my back... but it was better pretty quickly.

Anyway... checking in done, now to clean up old art for Artgawk, frame the prints for Artwalk, finish a new collage for Under My Skin, remember to eatsleepbreathe, have baby fun, etc.

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