Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Favorites: Favorited Distractions

Favorite Ways to Distract Myself From Working On Art Projects:
  1. (Obvious much?) Blog.
  2. Clean house.
  3. Twitter, which also serves as a useful diffusion of stress when things herein my head are too intense.
  4. PANIC. Wig out and decide I'm terrifically devoid of talent and am more useful to society by refraining to create anything.
  5. Fail to focus on projects at hand by inventing 1,000 new, totally unrelated ideas.


  1. Commenting here about your comment over on MY journal, since wp doesn't have cool e-mailable reply comments (at least not in my version).

    I'm sure I've recommended it to you in the past but you honestly should pick up (at the library or elsewhere), copies of "Overcoming Overeating" and "When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies." I know I've posted about them a million times but they have helped my binge-eating *immensely*. I so rarely binge-eat now and I once did a LOT more of that than I once did. My eating habits are umpteen times better than they's just that because they truly *are* disordered eating patterns, I'm coming to accept that I'll need therapy. Yours might well be less severe than mine are and I suspect that just following the advice from the books could make a world of difference for you, not just in how you eat but in encouraging the really remarkable work that I know you already have done in loving your body for what it is.

    I'd make them (and several other size-acceptance books) mandatory reading for ALL women living in this country if I could!

    Loving the Goddess in you :)

  2. H, I have Overcoming Overeating but haven't read it. [failmuch?] I am way struggling on my weight management life-makeover, so I'll pick it up. I promise to you, just for accountability:) xoxo!!!

  3. this is a "hullo thar I miss you" comment - going back to read what I missed - Birdie is adorable, I am THE EXCITEDEST about elephant girl book and will be buying one, you are an amazing artist that makes me wish I live out the ozarkland so that I could attend this artwalk thingermajig.

    also, if you're interested in Buffy season 8, I am slowly amassing the comics and could send them to you or something. Wiff poetreeez. <3.

  4. Treesa! Buffy Season 8 is awesome!!! I have the first few. I'm trying to collect but would LOVE to get some poetry mail:D xoxo