Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Plans & ToDos

Happy Saturday Morning. What are your weekend plans?

These are mine:
  • continue to ignore that the Bird's watching age-innapropriate cartoons. Saturday animated violence was part of my childhood and I grew up to be a pacifist crunch Goddess.
  • get some "good mommy" time in then take Bird to the grandies' place.
  • finish print #2, post teaser thumbnails of #1 and #2 and ask you to come to Visions for next Art Walk.
  • start & complete print #3 
  • thinking of above, remember art school motto that there is no project so ambitious it can't be done in 24 hours. Sleep is for the weak, and so forth.
  • get old work together with assorted new stuff & supplies to purge for the Art on a Stick sale next Saturday.
  • press out rolled prints & drawings for handy flat display at sale.
  • crash at some point with the hubz & Season 4 of Weeds.

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  1. Argh - I DID comment here yesterday. Where did it go?!!!