Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blogathon 101

I've started really thinking about how to approach Blogathon- should I prepare topics or devise a single theme? Should I go artsy-stream-of-consciousness? Day in the Life? Doodle-an-hour? Serial stories of me? Pride themed? I think definitely there should be doodles. I'd started informally composing a post that was like Tools for Blogathon, and included things like
  • coffee, water, cold pizza
  • ibuprofen & heating pad & slow treadmill spurts (for my back)
  • favorite doodle pen & scanner
  • webcam & mic
  • maybe an art giveaway tie-in?
etc., and then I found this post from Blogathon '07 on prepping that made me rethink the separate blog idea & think I need A Plan. My motivation for the new blog was to spare readers from a barrage of posts in their feed readers, but it occurs to me now that the nifty little comments-function that makes a blog a blog enables me to ~ah! insight!~ just ask you.

So: thoughts re: blogging here v. the separate blog? Suggestions for topics? Other participants & veterans- what's your plan of attack?


  1. Honestly, the new blog is a good want to get new traffic and potential donors, and it also helps if new people know who you are. I'll be spreading the word from my corner of the interweb!

  2. Don't fret over feed overloads! Your readers love you and I am positive will be interested in your blogathon because we are interested in you and excited about things that get you excited.

    All of the ideas you have listed sound good to me --not a bad one in the bunch. Mix it up daisystyle!

  3. Thanks, ladies:) Nyela, what I'm thinking is that it might be good to snag in the new readers by keeping them on my real original page, y'know? I hate to backtrack, but I am starting to think it might be best to do so.

    OK... decision getting closer... just need about twenty or more people to validate me before I commit. Hehe.

  4. I'd mix it up. I like the "doodle an hour" but is you break it up a little, it might be more manageable. Like if you had 12 doodles, there's half your entries taken care of.

    If people don't like the barrage in their feed readers, they can "mark all as read" and move along. I would just say "this is what I'm doing and this is when I'm doing it" so people can make a point of reading or say "I'd love to but I can't right now" when checking the reader :)

  5. Yes! Stephanie, I think maybe a set number of doodle posts, maybe a special Non-Tuesday Treasure Nest & a Non-Friday Favorites plus room to be spontaneous. Fabulous. Or, in Birdy-speak, fabliss!