Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blogathon 2009: Daisy on the Bean

If you follow me on Twitter, you're probably sick to damn death of The Great Blogathon Obsession of 2009. But I have to mention it here as well. Cover all the bases. Get the word out. Et cetera. I'll be mercifully excusing my RSS feed from 48 freaking posts (oh yeah- a post every thirty minutes for twenty four hours. Without cocaine or crystal meth. Because drugs are bad expensive unhealthy & illegal.) You can instead watch the caffienated madness at Daisy and the Bean*.

I'm so excited to geek out in blog mode for twenty-four live hours, with the aid of my long-time companion: The Exalted Coffee Bean!

It was hard to choose a cause- I can only blog for one organization- but I feel like we (meaning West Virginians) are at a critical time in our relationship with our bi, gay, lesbian, transgendered, and queer-identified community members. LGBTQ awareness and pride is higher than I ever remember in WV and there are movements threatening this progress.

It's incredibly hard for LGBTQ Appalachians and allies: we love the deep-rooted traditions of our mountain families but are excited for the community to expand and celebrate all expressions of love.

Support the efforts of Rainbow Pride of WV (and keep me motivated to stay awake) by sponsoring my blog at

*Coffee, that is. Maybe lentils, too. But mostly coffee.**

**Endnotes are adorable, but dude! (Dude hear meaning David Foster Wallace) if I go to the trouble of 1) reading your gargantuan novel on a fucking schedule*** no less, 2) maintaining separate bookmarks for the main text and the endnotes, you could do me the courtesy of not writing endnotes that are one or two words. Because I get pissy.

***I'll probably use lots of the time between blog posts to read Infinite Jest****. I am almost on track with Infinite Summer, which is (whine) hard for a working mom.

****This book is rocking my world. LOVE.


  1. ok youre totally awesome! great cause

  2. Thanks, Pamela-who-has-same-name-as-my-favorite-Auntie! It can be very hard to be any kind of "other" in our small-town community, but there is a core of support that I want to help strengthen. It was SO hard to pick one group... so many great, deserving causes. Hopefully we can chat & keep eachother motivated:)

  3. LOL I have a feeling we're going to get along great! I know what you mean about there being a ton of great causes. I decided to write for ACS in memory of my Grandma.

    you have my email address (if not, then pamelaperez87 AT gmail DOT com) so we should def. plan something for blogathon so we dont fall asleep!