Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogathon Ideas &Tips & Tricks & Quizzes & Prompts. Also, Ampersands.

collage by H. Michael Karshis, creative commons licensed! w00t!

Numero uno priority has been achieved- I secured a babysitter for Mz. Mollybird. I think we'll keep her until she completely loses her mind from Mama-attention-deprivation, or until I tire of blogging with a squirmy mess of 25-pound-girl in my lap. My other plans include a digital art giveaway for a sponsor to win (anyone giving any amount is eligible), a bunch of quizzes at the ready, and an idea or two for sets of posts. To-dos still include purchasing coffee and easy to prep food and cleaning my desk and amorphous office corner.

Because the fever of enthusiasm and inspiration has fully engulfed me, I feel compelled to share my thoughts and ideas. Behold:

Blogathon 2009 Ideas, Prompts, & Similar. (YMMV.)
  • Before the Blogathon starts, double check your tech. (OMG. Am lame. Am rhyming. Am delusional that am writing pithy article for like a mommyblogger magazine or somesuch.) Make sure the URLs for your blog and your charity's donation link are correct in their system and in promos you've made. For real- I had a type in a well-designed, pimped-everywhere ad. Embarrassing. I also plan to defrag my hard drive and purge a shit ton of useless files so my computersaurus will run faster. Check on batteries for cameras, drivers for webcams, etc. Add links to your charity to your blog somewhere prominent.

  • Clean house. De-clutter ye olde sidebars, create a category for Blogathon posts, and maybe throw out a welcome announcement. Because I'm hoping for new readers, I'm planning to rewrite my about page and upload a newer photo and mark some posts as "best-ofs." Also? Clean house. I can't focus in clutter so the next couple of nights I'll be making my HQ neater and more pleasant.

  • Get linked up now on Twitter with other participants, and grab RSS feeds for blogs that appeal to you. Commenting and communicating will help us all stay focused. I've been searching for #blogathon and trolling the list of blogathon blogs to stalk find new friends. Here's the official Blogathon networking things:

  • Plan your supplies. Red Bull, fair trade organic coffee, spring water, ginseng tinctures, Mountain Dew, or Brawndo: stockpile it. Plan snacks (go easy on simple sugars. Cookies = crash. But oatmeal cookies have complex carbs, so forget about the cookie ban: Eat oatmeal cookies!) My plan for endurance is small frequent snacks. By the way, the cure for coffee overdose is to hydrate.

  • Plan set times to move, if you are a zombie. I get really sucked into teh innerwebz and can tweet/spacebook/flickrdrool away many shameful hours. I'm planning to set timers to remind me to stretch and walk on the treadmill. Maybe you're into yoga. Do that, and good on you.
Prefab Blog Fodder
  • Plan some topics before Saturday. Check out quiz sites like Quizilla and Blogthings and bookmark some to blog later. (When I post a questionnaire, I'll post a blank too for you to grab.) These are a few I've bookmarked from Quizopolis:
  • See also: Plinky, Creativity Portal, MindBump.

  • Themed blogs are great, but I wanted some wiggle room. I'm doing an art piece in Photoshop and will post several snapshots as it changes during Blogathon. Other ideas could be milestone photos every two or three hours, a doodle-off between a couple of bloggers, or a themed playlist shared in "chapters."
Things I thought of 20 minutes before launch:
  • Link Twitter & Facebook and other social sites to keep all supporters informed easily. 
  • Add to toolbar links for Youtube, Blog Publisher, #blogathon Channel on Twitter, and the 09 Blogathon chatroom. Also, I totally should have eaten already but had brainstorm to bake bread & am waiting. 

  • Any other ideas or post prompts? Share them in comments.

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  1. im planning on getting a few cancer stories from people together to put in here and there.

  2. Pamela, That's a great idea. If you'd like, I can work on some words about my mom- she died from cancer in 2001.

  3. I'd love that. Thank you!

  4. Why not try to end each 'thon post with a question?

    Each question could then serve as a prompt for the post to follow (i.e. start each post with a quick answer to the question from the previous post).

    Another benefit to this is that questions always generate comments. (And those comments will help keep you awake!)

    I did the Blogathon a couple of years ago, and the question/trivia posts at other blogs were really fun to read and respond to. I almost paid more attention to those than I did to my own posts. :)

  5. Nancy, that's a fabulous idea too! Interactive stuff is so much better than blogging into the abyss.

  6. I sponsored you! :D So do I give the money to you directly or what?

  7. Thanks Becca! You rock my socks off:D At the end of the Blogathon, you'll get an auto email prompting you to donate via a direct link to Rainbow Pride.

    I'm seriously overwhelmed! My friends are amazing, dear people:)

  8. Awesome post - I need to get going on my Blogathon prep! I've got a list of topics for each post, now working on getting the webcam up and ready!

  9. this has little to do with the blogathon (which is blogathong in my head for some reason wtf flip flops?) buuut pictures of molly bird? sometime? for us child-deprived younguns?

    I'm thinking of blogathon-ing poetry next year... or maybe just poetry-a-thon-ing as a challenge to myself! you have been great inspiration, mama-scooby-elephant-lass :)

  10. Treesa, I'm planning on posting a video maybe of her Saturday a.m. I'll make sure ittygirl cuteness is posted somewhere:)

  11. Lindsey, sweet! Bring on the vlogging:) See you Saturday!

  12. You is sponsored, Souster - not much, but what i can do, I do.

    How's about a support nom delivery? I have to go do a quick on demand order at PPS at 6:30, can I bring you nummins?

    _Souster M

  13. This is all day Saturday, right?

  14. YEP! 9:00 AM EST Saturday through 9:00 AM Sunday:)

    Souster, I had to LOL, because nummins was our word for boobs:) Support NOMS? Hellz to the yeah! I'm baking some whole wheat bread, so if a sousterly chica wanted to pick some cheese & fruit to go with it, a coffee-strung-out Bloggermama would definitely share. You could even be in a post! You could be famous!

  15. Cheese and fruit it is!

    Wait, I'm not famous already?

    I figured by 6 pm ish, you might be needing a new face to inspire, I'll be glad to oblige.