Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogathon Wrap-Up and Processing Post, and more Blogathon Prep Tips

"I've never seen you so dedicated to something.... besides Molly." - Shane Evans, a.k.a., Bu, a.k.a., Mr. Bones
Blogathon was completely amazing. It was really exciting to focus so intently on just creating anything, being in the zone of art/writing and just generating content straight from the tap in my brain- like mental draft beer, foamy and good. I do have a few ideas in hindsight to help me next year:
  • Make up a bunch of ready-to-serve mini -meals. I didn't stick very well to my "small, frequent meals thing" because it was such a blurred rush to get anything ready between posting times.
  • Set an alarm for medications one may need. Somebody forgot her bedtime birth control pill because there was no bedtime.
  • Create a quick Excel speadsheet for sponsors. Tables to include: Name/Screen name, Amount, Website/URL to credit. Do an auto-sum in amounts column for running total. I kept miscounting my totals.
  • Send a personal email, a couple of weeks before to friends, family, & networks. I had a lot of people who caught bits and pieces from my Twitter stream or on Facebook but didn't really get what Blogathon was about.
  • Schedule set times to stretch/walk/move. Don't wait until the muscles are already stiff.
  • Get outside, maybe do a mobile post or two from a WiFi cafe or something.
  • Rest eyes by closing them for periods- carefully!- and/or going outside to focus on distance to rest the up-close eye muscles.
  • Plan for 4 am slump. Recruit a night owl friend visit or phone call. Plan more frequent breaks starting toward the end.
  • Structure posting schedule a little more. Leave room for spontaneous silliness but use fewer desperate-for-content boring quizzes.
  • Keep a better eye on the Blogathon site- I missed fun contests (a drawing contest even! drat!) and interaction. 
  • Schedule some between-post times to surf; I don't feel like I was interactive enough on other Blogathon blogs.
One thing that (very pleasantly) surprised me was that I never really had any time when someone wasn't awake with me, commenting and cheering me on. Thanks so much to David, Libby, and Nashay- you really helped a lot. Thank yet again to everyone who sponsored and encouraged me. I'm sold on the virtues of Blogathon and am pretty sure I'm up for it next year.

My doodles are on my Flickr page. Here's slideshow eye candy:
Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Donations are accepted through the end of the week, and I'll leave the link up in my posts until then. I am filled to brimming over with love and gratitude for these wonderful sponsors:

Alexis Yael
Andrea Bond
Andy Richardson
Joe Bolyard
Karan Ireland
Kioni Gilmer
Laura Davis
Nell Hartz
Nicole Parish
Ray Perkins
Ray Richardson
Rebecca Burch
Rudy Panucci
Vasilia Scouras

After a night of normal sleep, I found Jim, of Wabi-Sabi fame, had made this hysterically fun photo:

Lastly, I have link love for my favorite blogger participants:
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Quirky Charm

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  1. Heidi, this was so awesome. I was in love with your picture posts. It was amazing to me that you create art when you ran out of words. I can barely trace my own hand. What an amazing exercise and I desperately want to do this with you next year!

    ~Laura, posting through her magazine's google account because she's too lazy to log out and in and out again.

  2. Thanks, darlin'! It was awesome to read that you were glued to my blog. I has sticky blog! :D

    And that's not lazineess, it's marketing! See Weave plug! See Weave be visible on teh innernetz!

  3. It was such an amazing experience watching you do this! I think I want to participate next year!

  4. Nyela, I would LOVE it if we could Blogathon together! We could have a doodle-duet! We could email drawings & add then both post the awesomeness!

    Do you have a blog yet? What night is good to brainstorm blogginess?

  5. Very excellent work executed in a very cool manner. A++! Would sponsor again! :D

    Heidi this was so inspired and awesome and for such a great cause. So much love to you!

  6. Liz, Thanks. I feel really re-energized as a blogger & artist right now- gotta keep my mojo flowing:)

  7. Okay, so now how do we pay you/Rainbow Pride/whomever it is that gets the $$$?

  8. OOOOPS! That was me asking about the money.


  9. thank you for being so awesome and stopping by every so often. Who knew it would be so hard write a blog entry in 30 minutes!

  10. Was raped and sodomized by tskwvu70 twice when I was 7 years old. There is an open police investigation on this person. You might want to research your sponsor. He's a child rapist and has been arrested several times before.

  11. I wish I had the time to be more interactive with everyone who participated in Blogathon, too. I did get to check out your doodles in the Blogathon flickr pool - you are SO creative. Seriously, I'm in awe that you were able to crank those suckers out. You rock!

    And thank you for the link love! :)

  12. Thanks, Erin... So glad I found you:) It's been a pleasure.