Thursday, July 2, 2009

Confessions of a Former Gothgirl re: Bliss and Wild Woman Mojo

 Leah of Creative Everyday tweeted a link referencing Calling All Wild Woman Artists! A link like that is irresistable, no? I checked it out, and here's the deal:
I will take submissions until Tuesday, July 21st. You have three weeks to work on this.

Just send a JPEG image to pinkyogi at gmail dot com.

After I have collected the images, we will put it to the vote. All pieces will be loaded anonymously and the readership of Blisschick will pick their favorite.

The winner will receive a copy of Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Women who Run with the Wolves, but if she already owns that, we'll come up with something else.

Here are the rules:

1. You may submit as many images as you like.

2. The poster must contain all 14 points of the Manifesto.

3. The poster must be able to fit an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and still be readable.

4. The poster must be Wild, Fun, Expressive, Colorful, and Inspirational!

5. The poster may be generated in any way you see fit -- photography, paints, digital, whatever!

6. At the bottom, the poster must be copyrighted to and yourself.

Click here for the Eccentricity Revolution for Wild Women Manifesto.
I'm really excited to design an entry for this. It touches on a theme I've been struggling with forever, that I really started trying to work through with The Artist's Way group. I have this not-so-healthy bullshit hipster belief that being happy is fucking uncool. I am seriously terrified that to really embrace bliss- to gab hold of the frosty beverage of life and CHUG- will ruin my art. I worry that positivity is trite, that art that's not about pain, not ripped out of me with blood and tears, holds no power...That radiating positivity is akin to powder puff glitterfluff sweetness and making good-juju art will kill my edge and I have to have edge. Why? Why do I equate bliss with ignorance and complacence?

I've been stuck in a Steppenwolf binary thing- that's why the book rocked my world so hard. My psychological mission right now is to move beyond that black & white thinking. The blog identity 'daisybones' was an attempt to reconcile my perky hippy mama self with the darker, enraged self. What I'm moving toward isn't about releasing that rage (my brand of anger is feminist and very empowering) but about knowing that whimsy and angst, worry and lightness, bliss and shadow coexist. I'm really excited to start this poster design. I'm getting a little bolder every day in creating my bliss. Here's to you, Bliss Chick!

P.S. 800th post! Round numbers are yummy.

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