Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crush Can Pay: Vote for my Twitter Tee

1) We are broke.

2) I have a crush on Captain Mal Father Caleb OhGodI'mGoingToHell Captain Hammer Nathan Fillion.

3) Mr. Fillion tweeted that he sounded like he looked good.

4) I resisted urge to tweet something like: Oh Dreamy Actor Crush For Smart Blognerds and SciFi Fangirls, you ALWAYS sound like you look good. xoxo call me really no don't i'm married because I have restraint and it's eleventy hundred characters.

5) I tweet instead: "I do not tweet at celebrity crushes."

6) @LegalLush nominates it for a Twitter Tee at, the Paragon of Intarweb Awesomez.

7) You vote here, and I can keep the lights, water, food, shelter, etc at our house:)


  1. Yeah and I end up ordering two kid shirts while I'm there ;)

  2. Am I too late? The link did not take me to your t-shirt!

  3. New link: