Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hang on to Your F#cking Hats | #16 Blogathon @ 4:30 PM

It's about to get interesting, folks. The Baron von Fang, our kitty Shade (pronounced Shady, because he's my familiar and he TOLD me to spell it that way, OK?) decided to come inside. That means my eyes turned beet red and I'm starting to get the itchy nose that precedes asthma trouble. Fun!

So guess what I did? I took a Benadryl! Guess what happens now? I get to blog stoned!

Here is Mr. Shade-Boo:

Here is why he is the Baron von Fang:

So. I might be brewing a second pot of coffee. For now I'm mainlining high-fructose corn syrup drinking a Coke.

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  1. so would that be called stone-blogging? LOL

  2. let the fun begin!

    cats make sneeze too.

  3. w00t! Bennies!!!

    (PS: you don't fail, your camera does that in that setting automatically. There's a bunch of things you can do to change it, but S can tell you faster (and better!) than I can!)

    PS: I say Shade should get added to your art piece...