Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have You Ever? A Lame Quiz | #26 Blogathon @ 10 AM

Because I'm boring right now, please enjoy a photo of Orli. It occurred to me I could watch all three Lord of the Rings movies before the end of Blogathon. *Sigh*

orlando bloom
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15 Have You Ever Questions Survey from

Been Kissed? - yes
Had a monster under your bed? - no
Wet your pants? - yes
Been taken to the hospital to get your liver taken out? - no
Coughed so hard you hurt your back? - yes
Dated someone shorter than you? - no
Had a very delightful pony dream? - no
Gone on a cruise? - no
Been abducted by aliens? - not that I know of
Been in a fight with your neighbours? - no
Spent time in a jail cell? - no
Put your underwear on inside out? - yes
Had a nightmare about drowning? - yes
Had an ice cold shower? - yes
Lied to a priest? - no

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1 comment:

  1. i'll reciprocate a personal embarassing disclosure here:

    i wet the bed until I was 11. yea.