Thursday, July 30, 2009

Help Wanted: Brainstorm for Little Mojo Things

I'm thinking of making a line of small, inexpensive, fun prints with sweet mojo-revving words and doodles. Sort of along the lines of the puddle doodle. Help me think... should it just be a section of the Etsy shop or go less artsy & add to my bare bones Cafe Press site? What should I call it? Here are ideas I've started daydreaming:

mojo cafe
mojo oj
mojo juice
milk for mojo
mojo machine
mojo medicine

Obviously thinking sustainence for the mojo...

I'm sort of digging mojo machine. It encompasses the whole granola crunchin' tech addict vibe I'm rocking.
Hehe: Daisybones' Mojo Machine. Cute.

Thoughts on where to sell? What to name it? Cures for insane people who think they have free time but who do NOT?


  1. Well, which place gives you more business?

    mojo puddles (seemed obvious)
    mojo jones
    momma mojo


  2. Mojo Puddles might be the cutest phrase in the entire English language:D

    The Etsy shop gets wayyy more sales & visits, so I think that's the place. Maybe Tee shirts & bumper stickers as "spin-offs" in the Cafe Press shop? Nice... I like that. Thanks for keeping my brain-gears moving:)

  3. mojo's musings
    mojo morsels


  4. Mojo Water
    Mojo Tonic
    Mojo Shooters? ;) Thinking of wheat grass, NOT whiskey:)
    WTH: Mojo Whiskey?

  5. mojo to go!

    mountain mojo

    sips of mojo



  6. Mojo Creek... Sugar Creek...

    Little Mojo Sugar.
    Little Sugar Mojo.
    Mojo Candy.
    Mojo Pills.

    Nell, you rock. I love Mountain Mojo... but it's not quite there!

    ... most... ellipses EVAR!

  7. Mojo Factory
    Mama Bones' Mojo Factory:)
    mamabones just kinda rocks.

    Mojo Generator.
    Mojo Fix.
    Mojo Crank.
    Mojo Juicer.

  8. Good Juju Machine.
    Mojo Motor.
    Mojo Laboratory.
    Mojo Lab.
    Mama Bones' Mojo Lab
    Mojo Remedy... FUCK. Every possible phrase containing the word "Mojo" is a band on MySpace.