Saturday, July 25, 2009

Intro Video! Now with Super Fast-Talking Heidi! | Blogathon #1 @ 9AM

Good morning, citizens of West Virginia and Blogtopia! The coffe's being downed, the bread's a-bakin', and my hillbilly accent's rockin' in full effect thanks to immersion in True Blood videos... I probably faked it away on the video, so maybe I'll post about how insanely easily I slip into a drawl with any exposure whatsoever to someone South-er than I am:)

w00t! Here we go!

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  1. good morning Heidi! nice video! will you be vlogging all the way?

  2. Nah, just a few videos to mix it up. Gotta wrangle my scanner into submission now:)

  3. methinks you've already had some coffee this morning?

  4. I also slip into a Southern accent very very easily. First time it happened after Hawk & I were married was when we went to Florida & he was so very entertained.