Saturday, July 25, 2009

Persephone Tea | #21 Blogathon

Souster brought me cheese, fruit, chocolate, and Pomegranate Green Tea. I have a pomegranate fixation, because of Persephone. They are also delicious, not just goddessey:)

Here are her lovely photos before we (very prettily) stuffed our faces:

So... It's nearly seven. I'm not tired yet, but there is a subtle feeling creeping in that it might be really amazingly nice to be not blogging. Not bad... just a little mental fatigue. I think I'll read for a while or watch more Netflix. Meh. I ate too much bread & cheese.

Thanks, again Souster. You're a peach!

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  1. that cheese looks so good.

    keep plugging! you're greatly appreciated!

  2. Speaking of peaches - they were specifically requested from the market trip. Hubz said they all looked "blegh", so no peaches.

    Drink some water, settle your tum-tum sweetness.

  3. ZOMG!!!!!!!!! That chili and cherry chocolate is MAI FAVORITE!!!!!!

  4. Lexie, I think now it's my favorite, too:)