Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photo Update, Baby Free | #7 Blogathon @ 12:00 PM

I like the misty, surreal look from this filter experiment, but lost lot of detail. Still just playing, I haven't really "engaged" into the work... Possibly because this Blogathon postarama is making me feel disjointed and kind of crackheadish:)

The baby has left the building! She is with her Pops at the car parts place, then is headed to the grandies'.

I'm gnoshing on more bread & watching The L Word on Netflix.

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  1. I wish you were blogging in public so I could come vlog myself giving you your prize. You could blog it/vlog it and we would BOTH be winners.

  2. Come on over, Karan! I'm on the West Side:)

  3. Girly, you won't respond to texts. The West Side is a relatively large area for me to roam, calling out, "Heidi... Heidi??? Where aaaarre you, Heidi?"