Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Plan of Attack, with Arty Lovelies. (+ a Sneaky Art Giveaway for Sponsors.)

So, a strategy emergeth. My plan is to do an art print in my typical technique, from line-drawing to finished digital collage/painting, posting various states along the way during the 24 hours. I am in big, crazy love with this idea, because I've been obsessed with meta- and process- art since college, and considering my college studies spanned eleven (11) long-strange-trip-it's-been years, that's an industrial-sized obsession.

I've got a sketch in my book already that I'll probably work with. I'm so excited to really artsify this event. Sleep deprivation puts me in a somewhat tilted head space, so I'm approaching this as a bit of a vision questy deal. The final print will be given to a random winner. To be entered, just sponsor me at the link below for any amount, and I'll pull a random winner. There.

(My use of that little word, there: there? It would fucking freak you out if you were on around page 544 of Infinite Jest. Wow.)

I am freaking EXCITED.

24 Hours of Daisybones :: Sponsor me and help support Rainbow Pride of WV.


  1. I think that sounds brilliant!

  2. Thanks, Paige! Sometime soon you gotta come have a beer and let me chop off your hair! :D

  3. Absolutely! God I need a haircut!