Saturday, July 25, 2009

Questions Part 3 | #27 Blogathon @ 10:30 PM

I answer Jenn's and Dave's questions, ramble at length on the state of queer Appalachia, and the sleepiness lets you hear increasingly more of my accent:D

Anyone who wants to chime in on the LGBT hurdles, please do. I am sure my insight's skewed, being a boring ol' heteronormative married mama:)

Grr. The sound crapped out at the end. All you missed was a YAY Intarwebz speech about how we are opening up culturally because of communication technology:)

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  1. thank you for your comments. it means a lot. i think you're right about the traditionalism affecting lgbt issues here. also what seems to me, given the history of the abuse from outsiders overall, there might be a little (and i mean this in the nicest way possible) xenophobia.

    but you're right. we're pushing forward. and it's because people like you who are willing to stand with the lgbt community.

  2. Yes- there is a whole lotta xenophobia goin' on. But you're right- we have a history that's made us wary of outsiders.

    What lovely comments- thank you!

  3. squee! realliveheidi!

    I'm a bit of a dork who is just now catching up on blagathonia posts.... I agree that traditionalism and homophobia go hand in hand (growing up in the BAY with half a "good ol ranching family"). But it's super good to hear that progress is being made, especially if it comes in forms of donations via blogathons.... Also, I'm doing a tour-the-u.s. roadtrip after college, hopefully, and am trying to get a feel for where-to-not-talk-about-scary-liberal-issues. So this was helpful :)

    ps You're cute and well-spoken :) Congrats on an immensely successful blogathon! <3!