Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reboot, the Sketch, the Mobile Sketchbook, & Conceptual Influences | #3 Blogathon @10 AM

Here's the sketch I'm working from today:

I drew this in the small sketchbook I keep in my bag- I have a larger one for the home base. This is the one that goes with me, wherever:

Features include Wonder Woman, a childhood empowerment icon & lady-crush; snip from the Buswater Winter '08 show; and a sticker from Your Inner Vagabond in Pittsburgh, where Weave Magazine #1 launched with my cover design last November.

As I scanned the drawing, I had a giggle about the "reboot" theme as I'd just had to restart my limping dinosaur of a computer. I'm obsessed with trying to reprogram my brain to find some kind of enlightenment and acceptance. Part of this, obviously, is going to have to include accepting the hard-wiring of my personality- i.e. obsessiveness, extremes-thinking, and a general ADD gestalt of not-always-productive creativity. I'll explore this through the collage, as always blending writing and imagery.

The concept's not totally coherent for me yet, but I'm thinking about Alan Watts' Wisdom Of Insecurity, Steppenwolf (the novel not the 70s groove band), Rational/Emotive Behavior Therapy, and um... the power of self-suggestion through affirmations, I guess? Part of this is also flavored by my reading of Infinite Jest's addiction-recovery themes. I haven't ever dealt with substance addiction, but I'm struck by the similarities between what he writes about addiction and how my anxiety/depression feels.

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  1. REBT is pretty fucking cool. It has helped me a lot.

    You rock. I can't wait to read your blog all day! I love when you post. Yay! PLUS you've inspired me to do my own blog makeover thing (and also cleanse it of un-teacher-like posts) so here I go! Love you! Come online for chats!

  2. Addiction, depression, anxiety all come from the same dark place but can be overcome through love, laughter and faith.