Saturday, July 25, 2009

Special Treasure Nest (Un)Tuesday #27 which is also, confusingly #15 Blogathon @ 4 PM

So hi. Every Tuesday (in my dreams I am that consistent)I post a photo of a lovely thing I have found at a thrift/antique/vintage store. Or Yard Sale. Sometimes Etsy.

Here we have:
  • an incense burner I bought from Telaropa, formerly of Oakland fame in Pittsburgh. This isn't second hand, right? Ah... but I'm a tricky one! I bought it as a gift from mom, and then inherited it, so it sort of is, yeah?
  • pretty hammered brass mirror from Past 'N Present
  • hand thrown bottle, maybe by my & Shane's friend Angie? Second hand rules stretched here too, but I'm calling it a gift from Shane. :)
  • plaster & wrought iron fish from a church rummage sale.
  • brass & copper Shiva plate, also from Past 'N Present

I LOVE this freaking fish.

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