Saturday, July 25, 2009

Strange Days, Indeed | #6 Blogathon @ 11:30 AM

Strange Days Survey
  • Have you ever seen a therapist?
    Oh yes. Several.

  • If so, why did you go?
    Depression, anxiety. And (depending on the therapist) ADD, insomnia, OCD, PMDD

  • Have you ever had de ja vu'?
    Yes. I love it; it is such a cool weirdness.

  • What are your spiritual/religious beliefs?
    UU pantheist/humanist with a mystical bent. Formerly devoutly Wiccan.

  • Do you like spending or hoarding money?

  • Do you consider yourself selfish?
    No, I'm the exact opposite in most situations.

  • Are you an alchoholic?

  • Are you proud you're an alcohlic?-for the rednecks
    lol... N/A

  • Are you aware of your geneological medical history?
    All too aware.

  • How many times in the last month have you been called a bitch?
    Several times, during the previously mentioned PMDD.

  • Is there someone you would like to fight?

  • Would you fight for your country in spite of its' flaws?

  • Do you know someone in Iraq or Afghanistan that is close to you?
    A dear friend's fiance.

  • What do you think is the best feature you have?
    Creativity. Physically? Eyes.

  • Do you pick your clothes up after you try them on in the dressing room?
    Yeah... are there people who don't? ...Assholes.

  • How many pairs of shoes do you have?
    Mmm... 20? Never counted.

  • Do you love anyone right now?

  • Do you like girls, boys, or both?

  • What's your best idea of fun?
    A medium-sized party with my favorite people, great food, & great wine.

  • Are you happy with who you are?
    I am happy with my deepest, most authentic core. My work is to live from that place, make my life match my dreams
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