Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet New Tool: Integrate Picasa and Flickr!

I'm a Google Girl, so I *should* like Picasa, but I hadn't really gotten in the groove of it. I like that any images I blog go into my Daisybones album, although I do need to go in and delete things that aren't my own content. I had this streak of ah-what-the-hell it-could-happen-Google-search-bravado when I wondered if I could harness the almighty Picasa-fu of grabbing posted images and get them uploaded easily to Flickr.

I searched for "integrate Picasa Flickr" and the tech gods lo they did bless me! I give you: Picasa2Flickr.

Easy peasy crackers & cheesey:
  1. Install Flickr Uploadr & Picasa 3 on your computer. Don't be a dumbass & think you can add a plug-in to web-based Picasa. Your computer will inform you if you are, in fact, being that stupid. I know from experience:)
  2. Click on the download.pbz link on the Picasa2Flickr page. Follow instructions.
  3. Download to computer from Picasa on web anything from your blog or other Picasa photo folders (or skip that step if the photos you want to put on Flickr are on your hard drive).
  4. In Picasa (on computer, not web) select photos, and click the icon "send to Flickr Uploadr."
  5. Open up Flickr Uploadr, proceed with prompts, et VoilĂ !
And, in the interest of sharing squee and blogger transparency, let me gush for a hot minute about UPrinting (post content not sponsored). They have a Blogger Program I saw at There is a little ad to the left there, and then I got this email this morning:

As part of our sponsorship program, we periodically evaluate our sponsored blogs for advertising opportunities. We noticed that you have a healthy following of loyal readers and we wanted to offer you the opportunity to earn some advertising bucks! Follow the simple directions below to receive a payment of $30 for 3 months of advertising!
So, there is apparently a design contest or something, and I get some help with bills that are way, way behind. Thanks for being a "healthy following of loyal readers" and letting me turn creative expression into a slowly increasing little trickle of cash. And thanks to companies who dig that and support it in a non-creepy way:)

This and a potential sale of an old sculpture could save our financial arses this month.

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  1. OOOOOOOHHHH! Super sweet! I am trying to merge more towards flickr, but I like the picasa uploader better than the flickr one! This tool will help me! (Once my new external HD is here and I have the memory to reinstall new programs! o0)

    And yay for conscientious advertising :D

  2. Lexie, I thought you might share my tech-bliss! :) I'm seeing a huge bunch of (non-photo) artists networking & sharing & doing awesome interactive things on Flickr. It is teh cool, even though I am not in love with Yahoo!.

  3. OK, I finally got my external harddrive and WOWZERS, H!!!! I love this button!!! It's gonna make it much easier to switch to using flickr more! YAY!

  4. Happy to find you're as ecstatic as I am... it is AWESOME. The world of plug-ins is like a fantasy world where the web BENDS to our WILL!