Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tattoo Lust | #37 Blogathon @ 4 AM

I keep thinking that it would be really awesome to get tattooed during Blogathon. The experience would make fabulous blog fodder, and the adrenaline/endorphins would kick So. Much. Ass. right about now.

I have a wicked jones for the inky needle right now- I've got a hook-up to trade an art piece for a tattoo of Ganesha. This tattoo above is the Coolest Tattoo On Planet Earth. I dare you to disagree. It is gorgeous. Resplendent.

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  1. That. is. awesome! It would be soooo expensive, though. OMG!

  2. Right? And it must have taken eleventy million hours, too:)

  3. Oh certainly! It makes my two seem so lame in comparison.

  4. I want to get tattoos but I can never decide on what I want.. yea, a likely story but its true. Ive always thought that I'll be hit with an idea randomly and make an impulse to get inked.

  5. I just seem to keep getting tattoos. I have gotten 3 in the past few months and want at least one more.

  6. I love love love LOVE that tattoo...

    I'm guessing:

    a) That person is a tat artist or married/ partnered to one (or friends with or sibling to...)

    b) it was done over a long time, but with great artistic integrity in the making of it (OH MY YES!)

    c) Or is fake for a photoshoot.

    I srsly want a back tattoo that is that intense and awesome.

    Where will your ganesha be?