Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #25: Hamsah Earrings and Heart Quote Gift Box

It's a double feature! Here are the gorgeous hamsah earrings I bought from The Holy Bead for the Souster's birthday this past weekend. I was in love with them instantly and filled with memories: When Meg and I were roommates, she had a gorgeous hamsah (or hamesh*) necklace that I was lucky enough to borrow, often along with The Date Shirt: a super-soft, super-flattering simple black tee that instantly made a dating chick feel confident and fabulous.

Also I made a sweet little gift box for them with a misquote from Christopher Marlow- I didn't like "in every man's heart" so I corrected him:


Ooh! It's really sort of a triple feature Tuesday because Megan gave me that Buddha treasure:)

Here's the much better** photo from Holly's original Etsy listing:

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*OK, I am also a tiny bit obsessed with them right now:

**Because I suck at camera-contraptions. Meg says she'll photograph them and I'm really hoping she does because she is awesome.


  1. I totally heart this listing (and your box AND the earings!) I actually collect hamsah!

    (Hamesh, btw, means 5 in Hebrew and I've never actually heard them called that, all the Jews I've known say Hamsah. Although, maybe Israelis change the name...)

  2. LOLZ, Lexie. Next time I refer to Jewish culture, mayyyybe I'll ask someone Jeweish instead of Wikipedia? :D

    I have been obsessed with this gorgeous symbol since I fist laid eyes on Meg's beautiful necklace. (Also, mendhi and palmistry diagrams and any hand imagery pretty much.)

  3. I <3 wikipedia, so I'd say it wasn't really that big a deal :D

    And it is being used online: http://www.smalljudaica.com/judaica-hamsa/what_is_hamsa.htm

    I'd just never heard it called that before (Hand of Miriam and Hand of Fatima, I've heard of both).

    I actually started loving this as a symbol before I converted (it's a bellydance thing, to me).