Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #26: Mixed Semi-precious Beads ftrom The Stray Dog

I've been looking at this at The Stray Dog for like a month? It was still there and I scored it. There's turquoise and rose quartz and a bunch of other things I don't know the names of and my Wiccan friends are probably having the spiritual vapors right now, what with my mixing all these clashing Stones of Various Mojos. Mollybird models prettily in a cool jumper that is also a second hand treasure.

But could modeling be any more boring?
I should give them to her- they look gorgeous, but no... I just have a small problem wearing them. Rather, two problems on a scale of largess around say, formerly a double-D but now really just an almost-D:

My boobs eat heavy beads. I have at least one dress that flattens the whole landscape a little and they hang nicely. The beads, not the boobs. OK, no. The boobs, too.

And now.... commence with the 80,000 blog hits from guys looking for MILFS googling "mommy blog boobs."

For locals, The Stray Dog is at 219 Hale Street in Charleston, WV. It is owned by the very grooviest chick I know, and who is as taken as I am by random shiny objets de cute. 304-346-1534


  1. I love beads. I used to make my own jewelry and just look for cool stuff to take apart and make into something new.

  2. Boobies and of course the necklace is beautiful, hehehehe