Friday, August 14, 2009

350 Fewer Pounds of Carbon & Tim Curry Effing Rocks

Molly was talking about Hexxus, the villain from FernGully, this morning in the car. She likes his song. (It is a pretty sweet number. Because Tim Curry is a hundred kinds of win. See below for a non-transvestite version of his awesome.) She informed me that bad guys eat slime. I answered, "Yeah, Hexxus eats pollution," and tried to define pollution & carbon emissions on a three year old level.

She was then treated to an admonishment against goofballism when I realized I'd left my driver's license at home and wasted a trip (with the ensuant carbon spewing) to the bank. "Be ye not a goofball, Molly. This is an Important Lesson from Your Mama."

So we are home and facing another trip out to the surface of the sun WV summer (without air conditioning) in Goldie and I checked my email and lo...* the Blog 350 Challenge works! With pretty graphic certification and everything! Go get your badge here now. Make haste not waste! Make coffee not war! Make sure to put your ID back in your wallet immediately whenever you remove it. Make bored your children by lectures! Make the planet a place of green health. Have a nice day.

Fern Gully: Toxic Scene - Watch more Funny Videos

*This is a new favorite phrase by my favorite character in IJ . Her handle is Madame Psychosis, and this is how she starts her radio program:

"And Lo, for the Earth was empty of form, and void."

Madame Psychosis is fantastic, and the fact that other lurkers at Infinite Summer feel no love makes it very Me and Madam Psychosis Against The World which is romantic and tragic and everything like that.

Please read this book so I can keep referencing DFW and you'll be entertained? But not entertained that way, with the death.

Also: I get to host a giveaway, so I'll double post today & give details. It involves your own designs or photos of your adorable cat or child or slime-guzzling anthropomorphized toxins or whatever, on greeting cards!

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  1. Awesome! so glad you got your certificate! When I got mine a long time ago, I was like OMG I want to frame it and my Husband just glared at me LOL