Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Business Cards Giveaway! Enter & Win 500 Cards from Digital Room

Who loves you?
Mama Bones loves you. And Digital Room loves you.

 Oh, my do they.

I present you with yet another giveaway:
500 Free Business Cards.

This is sweet, because I have a few art shows this fall/winter and my new mantra for those is Do not forget to bring cards and I'm also thinking of an art project (which I sort of am tentatively crowd-sourcing) that'll use tiny notes that will probably be business cards with not-businessy stuffs upon them.

To that end, they offer business card sizes beyond just the standard- 2x3.5”, 2x3”, 2x2"- but standard enough that you're not going to get lost. I'm loving the idea of square cards. They also offer Die-Cut business cards which are seriously sexy. I covet leafy business cards:

Grab yourself a sleek bunch of business cards, or use them as promotional cards or ads from your Etsy shop- The Holy Bead gave me some cute discount cards with my last order & I'm itching to steal the idea. Or have a sweet little phrase printed on them and leave them around town in a guerrilla art campaign. You also don't have to be a business person to have cards- I've seen some precious cards like this:

You can hand it out at playgroups or LLL or yoga. Because in my head, if I wasn't a working-out-of-the-home mom, I'd do mostly playgroups, LLL, and yoga. Really, though, the size of business cards perfect for playful things a tiny note card, save-the-dates, reminders & suchlike.

So enter away:

Two Winners will receive:
  • 500 Business Cards
  • Choose size: 2x3.5”, 2x3”, 2x2";
  • Choose paper: 14pt cardstock (matte or gloss coating) & 13 pt cardstock uncoated
  • Choose Color: (4/4) Color both sides; (4/1) Color 1 side , B/W backside; (4/0) Color 1 side, black backside.
  • Shipping must be paid by Winner. Offer Valid for UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY.
To enter, comment on this post by September 10th at midnight EST.

... and don't forget to enter the Greeting Card Contest before Midnight EST, Monday August 31!


  1. Ooh, me me me! This would be an awesome way for me to advertise my writing!

  2. "Mine, mine, mine, mine..."

    Have you see. Finding Nemo five billion times? Then that makes sense, otherwise I sound like an a$$.

  3. @Lexie Cannot breathe. Laughing hysterically. *gasp*

  4. I am commenting because I want. WAAAAANT.

  5. That is so cool.

    The first time I was pregnant a friend made me calling cards that had my name and underneath "Pregnant Lady" (no phone, etc). He also made a few for the end of the pregnancy that read "Very Pregnant Lady".

  6. You know I'm all about the free.

    -Souster M

  7. Totally loving the free stuff you're offering lately! Back in the day, the non-business cards were caled personalized calling cards. Gonna plink in something from cran'e stationary site about 'em...

    I already knew this from the days @ Hallmark.


  8. Those are awesome looking! I like the style and cut! Keep up the good work!


  9. Been keeping up with you on FB, too. :)
    Love this giveaway - woohoo to groovy cards!

  10. I need some personal calling cards so people will call me. I'm bored lately. ; ) Love you, daisybones!

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  12. Your work is so awesome, Heidi. I wish I lived closer to you!!!

  13. OH I so hope it's me!!! What an amazing give away!!! fun fun fun!

  14. This would be awesome for my first art show next month!

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  16. I've put it off long enough. Gotta get some chic hip business cards!

  17. Totally would love to win. If I don't still love your blog.


  18. OOOO could really use these for an event in a coupla to you my favorite mama-artist-blogger!!

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