Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Favorites: Happy-Making Guerilla Art

Keri Smith's blog introduced me to the idea of Guerilla Art. I love the underground, subversive thing becoming playful and sweet like these ideas. I love the DIY, power-to-the-people, revolution of the soul vibe.I give you my favorite guerilla art projects, some links, and some book pimping.

Via Kind Over Matter, Moss Graffiti.

This WikiHow explains how to mix up a brushable paint of moss that will grow on a wall surface. So green and gorgeous it hurts.

This image is from abe/Anna Garforth Design & Illustration. She did promo materials project called Park City And her URL is "crosshatchling" which is possibly the cutest word in history.

Tree Sweaters and Street Knitting

This is the image I saw at Art News blog that jump-started my growing street knitting fixation. It's Knit Knot Tree by Corrine Bayraktaroglu:

My friend Amy Van Gogh, FestivALL street art Goddess and seamstress extraordinaire, mentioned that Taylor Books/Annex Studios is holding a Street Knitting class this fall. Amy has done some amazing street works that embody the goal of FestivALL turning the city into a work of art. I'm missing a knitting performance piece by Amy and Rob Hrezo as I type. (Feeling a bit wonky...)

I'm not ready to find out if I can knit with seven fingers and my absolute next skill to learn will be sewing, but I'm so charmed by knitting as a punk groovy art medium. MinniPurl will be teaching the class, but the schedule's not live on Taylor's site yet.

image credit: Mark Wolfe Design

Awesome graffiti wall in the Czech republic.
My cousin Coleman Richardson studied film in the CR this past year, and he showed me some amazing photographs that blew my mind. (Be assured that you'll see a long goth girl shout out to the Church of Bones in Kutna Hora.) Coleman told me about watching this wall change from day to day as artists continually layer gorgeous words and images. I'm hoping the Crash man will comment with more details.

image credit: Coleman Richardson
You Go, Girl.

image credit: Barry Yanowitz

I discovered this at Falafel For The Soul, which is a site for guerrilla optimism. I learned of a big movement in urbans centers (i.e. not my wee, hilly town) of You Go Girl graffiti and it was an instant obsession. Here's the Flickr Group where I found these images. Could you die? Ubiquitous, feminist, funky graffiti.

image credit: lacraig819
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  1. #3 was my absolute favorite...

    but I bet you knew that!

  2. My Beatles-loving sister in fandom, yes:) I know... Coleman too is a big fan- more so than I am. The moss is my favorite. I'm obsessed with finding a place to do that.

  3. Where does the crayon and ink on my walls from a certain three year old fit into this picture?


  4. I LOVE guerrilla art. SRSLY. I took so many pictures of graffiti in Europe. And doors... I have this thing for doors...

  5. I love graffiti art in a HUGE way!

  6. The John Lennon Wall in Prague... it started in the late 80s, as a form of protest against the communist regime that was about to fall. The government tried to paint over it several times, but people kept re-painting John Lennon stuff. Now they just let it exist there, near a couple of embassies and restaurants in the most beautiful district of the city, Mala Strana. People paint on it every day.

  7. Thanks, Coleman! I knew you'd bring the deets:)

    Nell, I think there is definitely an overlap between kids' pure, beautiful, naughty joy in creating art in forbidden places & this whole guerrilla movement. Definitely. Thanks for bringing another level of squee!

    Lexie, I could look at door drawings & photos ALL day! Did you see the sketch I posted on your facebook wall? :D