Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lesbian Haircuts for Anyone, Montreal, QC

What I'm doing on a Saturday night: trolling the Flickr creative commons for vintage apothecary images for the Mojo-Something project, which at present is working-titled "Mama Bones' Mojo Apothecary" and then happening upon a found ad for Lesbian Haircuts for Anyone, which makes me giggle because I think my new 'do is definitely a Lesbian Haircut only with wispy things is front that must then be deemed Heterosexually Girlish.

Also, composing Heidiesque run-on sentences and incomprehensibly attempting to alleviate a headache by cranking really loud faux-Brit pop rock and glaring at a computer monitor because the previous attempt to make the headache go away by distracting it by reading the labyrinthine prose/structure of a David Foster Wallace novel was unsuccessful but interesting.

I think now I'll try a large glass of water & ibuprofen.

Ibuprofen is my poison. As in my drug of choice, besides the oft-mentioned Benadryl. It (the ibuprofen) helps my back pain best of non-muscle relaxants and once I heard second hand that there are some people for whom aspirin or acetaminophen don't do jack, but those people respond very well to ibuprofen, and that interestingly a great proportion of those people are left-handed.

Also, are you aware that the root of sinister-bad meaning sinister-left-handed delights me to no end, what with loving goth & horror & all & therefor having a sort of fangirlish affinity with fictional villainy?

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