Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mozilla Service Week and About How My Husband Thinks I'm Allergic to Money

Spread Firefox Affiliate Button I got an email from Jung at last night which caught my eye because Carl Jung is a God in my own personal People Of Brain-Whirring Ideas Pantheon. The email announced Mozilla Service Week:

Idealist is partnering with Mozilla (the organization behind the
Firefox browser) on their first annual Mozilla Service Week which will
match thousands of "techie" volunteers around the world with
nonprofits in need of help with IT, web design, programming, blogging,
and more.

Mozilla Service Week will take place September 14-21, 2009, and
organizations are so eager for volunteers that a couple of thousand of
them have already posted their opportunities.

If you are comfortable with technology and would like to help out, or
if your organization could use some help, please go to:

And to help spread the word to nonprofits and techies around the
world, please go to:

Thanks again, and all the best,

Jung Fitzpatrick
Graduate Education Communications Coordinator

Join us also at and


There was another section about a program for graduate students studying Social Impact which led to this exchange:

Me: Oh my God! You can major in social impact! Never knew this... Bu!!! I could get a DEGREE in saving the world!
Bu: Only you... Only YOU would pay a gigantic amount of money for a degree in VOLUNTEERING to work for FREE.

Then I probably said something about his not having a soul and called him Robot Boy. Because in my cosmology, you are either a bleeding heart of hemorrhagic proportions or you are a soulless robot.

Bu loves to tease me about my apparent inability (or adamant refusal- I'll never tell) to work at a for-profit company. Happily, I have logged enough karmic hours doing so that I've scored a management position as a World Saver and Peddler of Eco-Fabulous Gently Used Pretties, and can now almost but not quite match his Big-Corporatish-Corporation-That-Is-Incorporated salary.

But just as I jump into this new position, I'm going to spend some time geeking out for charity during Service Week. I'm looking for a group to help, because I just finished sprinkling Web Fairy Dust on my clinic's site and the yw is already rocking the tight, gorgeous marketing identity.

If you know of a small non-profit that could use some Web Elf Mojo for a week, do contact me: heidi [at]


  1. Hey, thanks for the link love for MSW! Cheers!

    Scott @Idealist

  2. Thank you, Scott and for a very cool way to do some good.