Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seven Randoms + Link Love

Christine of TheBlissChick tagged me this weekend with a meme of random. I shall bring the miscellany belatedly, and pass on the link love:

7. I clench but don't grind my teeth.

6. I think lipstick is tactile-wise completely disgusting.

5. I have a bias in favor of odd numbers. I think they're feminine.

4. Lately I have been calling the Mollybird "Goosey." 'Cause of the silly.

3. She has been calling me a pickle: "You'we a pickle!"

2. I think my wedding band is too dainty; Bu tried to talk me into matching the thickness of his. He was right. Zut alors.

1. I'm allergic to so much stuff I don't even attempt to avoid- I just drug drug drug. Serious, my list of allergens is pathetic. I cannot avoid grassdustpaperfeatherscatsdogsbirdscorndetergentschocolatepinetreesrabbitsplanetearth. Happily, the chocolate allergy was outgrown, or too mild to notice. I used to get weekly shots and have a very pretty nurse who gave me costume jewelry each week and my favorite was a little fake gold ring with a very pale aquamarine-colored plastic "gem."

People, you are tagged. Randomly. Get to bloggin':

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Image credit: Monkeyboy69.


  1. Woo Hoo! I've never been tagged on ANYTHING! LOL

  2. Paige, I've never tagged a tag virgin, either:)

  3. Hey! I blogged! And it's available for all to see. Hopefully it's ok.

  4. "like endless words into a paper cup...."

    I blogged!

    7 Things