Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #30: Greek Goddess Chain Mail & The Mothership

Part One: The photocollage, because you'll look at it first anyway:

Part Two:

You know how sometimes your metaphorical phone rings, and when you answer it goes: "Hey! How are ya... so uh...
this is The Mothership.
We are calling you home."

And so you say, "SWEET. Let me tie up this groovy gig I'm in now & I'll be there in say a month?"

And then the Mothership goes: "A month is perfect, and we respect that you are committed to the other great thing. Welcome aboard."

That's pretty much how it went and the like thesis sentence of this ramble is that I'll be managing a Thrift Store. By which I mean I'll be managing a Thrift Store!!!!1!!!!1!! I'll start my new position at Past & Present, which is a project of Charleston's ywca next month. That's where the aforementioned Athena-channeling necklace was purchased, when I worked there during school.


  1. If ever there was a confluence of person and career, it is that you are going to manage Past & Present. I am so proud and happy of my Souster and her awesome new gig.

    So, do I email you my list of sizes, or do you want it handwritten?


  2. If you would ever see a white fifties swing dress, please let me know! Or a birdcage veil! LOL

  3. We're so thrilled to have you on board as a member of the YWCA's senior management team!