Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #31: Teeny Weeny Bikini

My dear cousin Nell who was my pregnancy buddy and whose daughter has a normal sized body (while I am all trendy with a miniature child I can carry with me everywhere in a really fabulous bag...) and can give hand-me-downs to her slightly older cousin, which obviously amuses me and inspires weird comparisons to little accessory dogs.

I've totally lost you, haven't I?

So Mary m'Ello gave Molly this bikini that is so cute it hurts, and it got crazy hot this weekend and I bought a little wading pool on clearance and the Bird loves her 'kini and her pool. I got in there, too, although Shane says it's all redneck to get in a baby pool if you're an adult. I disagree and had a great time splashing.

Look at the bottom photo- there's about a quarter inch square of belly pudge! The baby grows!


  1. Mary totally knew that was her old 'kini! How funny!

    Personally, I think it's STUPID to deny yourself a chance to cool down in this heat. Glad you enjoyed splahing while he was sweatin'!


  2. ARGH!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't there!! That looks like so much fun!!!!! :sniffs

    Tres cute 'kini :D

    And ZOMG, Molly bird? Is teh precious.

    (I do not think it's rednecky unless you do said baby-pool splashing in your driveway while you're sucking back a bud lite and then, yah, a little!)

  3. PS: check out my redesign, I'm back on the blogger :D Or blogspot, rather.

  4. Your DD is adorable. Cute photos.