Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #32: Bloody Gorgeous Beaded Necklace

These glassy-bloody-drippy-crimson beads from Consigning Women in Cross Lanes, WV HAD to be mine. They are the sirens of accessories. Yummy. The Y shape adds to the liquidy aura. Elegant but goth-feeling with the blood and the horror. Oh, no, not with the horror. Just channeling Buffy like I do. Lalalala.

If you'd like to turn a regular photo of yourself in minimal make-up into a mask-ish looking thing as seen above, just abuse the color dodge filter in Photoshop almost but just shy of the point where the design police come after you. If they do come, I shall just tell them my necklace is made from the Blood of Those Who Smote Me, Who am Queen of Darkness and Blood-Colored Things. But then I'll get the giggles and they'll know I'm really a goofy hippy who likes to play Goth on her blog. SNORT!


  1. That is just plain awesome! Excuse me while I covet the necklace...

  2. This is WAY more awesome and dramatic and wonderous than that silly True Love bites necklace... this color is PERFECT!