Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #36: Happy Feet

I decided it was cool enough to break out real, enclosed, toe-hating shoes. My crazy long monkey toes don't like to be caged in, but this is the most comfortable pair of non-sandals I've ever owned in my life. They're Danskos from Past & Present, from the first time I worked there.

Shane & I took the Bird to the playground for a photo date, so I played with my feet for blog fodder and took some fun photos of the girl, too.

The worn-in-ness of these shoes is awe-inspiring. Comfort, even for these toes:

It also just now occurred to this mother of a three and a half year old child that my feet are no longer pregnancy-swollen and I can wear my toe rings again. Lovely. Just in time for the cold. Then after I re-adorned my toes, I got tickled with myself that I have more jewelry on my nose & toes than in my ears & vowed to shop soon for some surgical steel piercer studs to dot my scarred lobes. They were way pierced back when Kurt was alive and my shoes weighed twenty pounds.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can We Eat the Banana Moon?

Shane surprised me this afternoon at the shop, bringing Molly in to visit, and then taking her across to the little playground at the Kanawha County Board of Education. She loves it, "The Playground in the City." Shane left to recover from a day of meetings. Molly stayed with me, drawing swirls on scrap paper while I closed the shop. There is a satisfying simplicity and familiarity at my old/new job: clicks and clacks as the register prints the end-of-day report, the straightening of hangers. Counting change.

Molly and I loaded up into Goldie and went to a Faculty Show reception at WVSU. Molly announced that she'll go to school there too on the condition that I attend with her. We chatted up professor-friends and the Bird fell in mad love with this playful women in a great scarf who played peek-a-boo and chase in the gallery.

Paula (my favorite local artist and former grader of my late &/or unfinished paintings, drawings, and prints) asked about my book project, and I told her about the other projects that are more immediate than Elephant Girl. She recommended Fun Home. Must. Read. Now.

Then we drive home. Molly observes the Banana Moon hanging in the sky. "Can we eat it?" We brainstorm ways we could get up to the moon to nosh on the big banana. Then she asks how Jesus made the moon. I explain that mama thinks an amazingly cool thing called the Big Bang made the moon and earth and Everything only please don't ask me how because I honestly cannot grok it myself, much less translate to three-year-old-ese. I tell her the moon is so beautiful that people all through time made magical stories about it. I then boast that I can show her why the moon looks like a crescent sometimes.

In the driveway, I show her a streetlight: "That's the sun."
I tell her my face is the moon. I cast a half shadow with my hand. She is delighted and yells, "MOMMY! You're JESUS!"

I laugh until tears come, and summon the energy to write after what seems like months. I'm busy, I'm drowning in clothes, and I'm happy. Goodnight.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #35 Guest Post! Garden Heidi's Glass Menagerie

Heidi writes at Hortus Deliciarum, and is a dear member of friends met online during our pregnancies. She is beautiful, brilliant, and has a lovely first name. I'm so happy to feature her lovely collection as my first Guest Treasure post:)

Heidi's Glass Menagerie

Apologies to Tennessee Williams, whose play I have never read. The
title, however, fits beautifully.

I'm not much of a collector, except of books. I have lots of books.
Notice that I do not say "too many" because there is no such thing.

I have decided, however, that I'm going to collect wee glass animals.
They are small, portable, and not particularly fragile if
well-wrapped. Small, portable, and not particularly fragile are very
good things when one moves internationally as much as I do!

With no further ado, I present my collection.

Trail of Snails

The Trail of Snails. These were my first acquisition, the kind gift
of a friend whose mother owns an apartment in Venice (the bliss!).
She picked these up for me.

Baby Snail

The littlest snail...

Violet the Pig

Violet was my next purchase. I was tempted by the little orange one
but she matched my snails better. I should have taken a picture with
a quarter in it to show size...but she could quite happily fit on top
of that quarter.


Chanticleer is my most recent purchase, from a stall at the Anacortes
Arts Festival. He looked too cheerful and colorful to pass up.

It's taken me something like five years to amass this collection. At
that rate, this should remain an entirely manageable collection.


Daisy-Heidi's note: The snails are pure glassy awesome. WOW!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Business Cards Winners Announced

Congratulations, Melissa and Nell! Thanks so much to Digital Room and the UPrinting Blog Sponsorship Program. I'll contact my winners to confirm emails, and HOLY COW I have another giveaway opportunity to share with you soon, to promote a great new fun product.

Meanwhile, I've been a flittery, surface-skimming blogger of late. I need to get some (metaphorical) meat on my (daisy)bones. I had a great doctor's visit just now, and in light of the cultural obsession with health care right now, the time seems right to write about our rights. To health care. To choice, to access, to have every person valued, cared for, respected, healed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #34: Cozy Rainbow Shawl

I'm moody tonight, which is Monday. (But I'm guessing you won't see this until tomorrow anyway so I'm not even gonna bother post-dating.) To pacify the cranky disposition, I grabbed the coziest item I own.

Here I am fake smiling at Shane through the Rebel. No I'm not wearing pants, but I had long shorts on and they looked stupid and I couldn't be bothered to compile a whole outfit (see above re: cranky) so I'm on the internet pants-less now.

This is much more authentic. Also, it is an homage* to the Souster, who loves to wear big, soft sweaters with turtle necks and then retreat into them. I personally hate turtlenecks, but strangely I do love shawls and scarves around my neck.

Fringy shawl has teh fringe:

Soothing shawl from Mountain Mission's shop at 3631 7th Ave, Charleston, WV.

* I hate writing homage to a woman. There should be a word like femmage. And when people say HOMMIDGE, it hurts my brain. I wanna hear the French, people: "Oh-mazh."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pride Tees!

When I checked the mail this evening, I found a lovely 'thank you' letter for the Blogathon! And prezzies!!! From Rainbow Pride of WV! As you can see, the smaller tee is just a bit too large for the wee one, so I'm thinking a giveaway? We'll see...

I also have in my possession a lovely, HUUUUGE coffee mug with the WV Pride logo. WIN!

Thank y'all so much!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Greeting Card Winners!

Thanks for participating, and thanks to Digital Room for sponsoring this great giveaway! I'll notify Sarah & Megan myself as well, of course, and then they'll get an email from Digital Room. Check out Digital Room's online printing services- custom greeting cards, custom postcards, & more.

Don't forget to sign up to win 500 Free Business Cards!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #33: iMicrowave

Our microwave is a tiny, sassy little thing that really should have been an iMac but was destined instead to pop our popcorn. We acquired it when a friend shacked up with her now-husband. We hear a lot of "When did Apple start making microwaves?" "Where is your microwave?" and "What the hell IS this thing?"