Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can We Eat the Banana Moon?

Shane surprised me this afternoon at the shop, bringing Molly in to visit, and then taking her across to the little playground at the Kanawha County Board of Education. She loves it, "The Playground in the City." Shane left to recover from a day of meetings. Molly stayed with me, drawing swirls on scrap paper while I closed the shop. There is a satisfying simplicity and familiarity at my old/new job: clicks and clacks as the register prints the end-of-day report, the straightening of hangers. Counting change.

Molly and I loaded up into Goldie and went to a Faculty Show reception at WVSU. Molly announced that she'll go to school there too on the condition that I attend with her. We chatted up professor-friends and the Bird fell in mad love with this playful women in a great scarf who played peek-a-boo and chase in the gallery.

Paula (my favorite local artist and former grader of my late &/or unfinished paintings, drawings, and prints) asked about my book project, and I told her about the other projects that are more immediate than Elephant Girl. She recommended Fun Home. Must. Read. Now.

Then we drive home. Molly observes the Banana Moon hanging in the sky. "Can we eat it?" We brainstorm ways we could get up to the moon to nosh on the big banana. Then she asks how Jesus made the moon. I explain that mama thinks an amazingly cool thing called the Big Bang made the moon and earth and Everything only please don't ask me how because I honestly cannot grok it myself, much less translate to three-year-old-ese. I tell her the moon is so beautiful that people all through time made magical stories about it. I then boast that I can show her why the moon looks like a crescent sometimes.

In the driveway, I show her a streetlight: "That's the sun."
I tell her my face is the moon. I cast a half shadow with my hand. She is delighted and yells, "MOMMY! You're JESUS!"

I laugh until tears come, and summon the energy to write after what seems like months. I'm busy, I'm drowning in clothes, and I'm happy. Goodnight.

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