Friday, September 4, 2009

Pride Tees!

When I checked the mail this evening, I found a lovely 'thank you' letter for the Blogathon! And prezzies!!! From Rainbow Pride of WV! As you can see, the smaller tee is just a bit too large for the wee one, so I'm thinking a giveaway? We'll see...

I also have in my possession a lovely, HUUUUGE coffee mug with the WV Pride logo. WIN!

Thank y'all so much!


  1. Don't you DARE give that away!!! You save it, stretch it over a frame, have it quilted into something, etc. You worked your freakin' arse off and deserve your gifties!!!


  2. Nonono.. There are 2 shirts. One fits, one is tiny:) I'm SO keeping one for me. Fo' sho'. :D

  3. I still say KEEP the other one, too! Have Anne make you a pillow! I know she's got SOOOOO much spare time...