Monday, September 7, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #34: Cozy Rainbow Shawl

I'm moody tonight, which is Monday. (But I'm guessing you won't see this until tomorrow anyway so I'm not even gonna bother post-dating.) To pacify the cranky disposition, I grabbed the coziest item I own.

Here I am fake smiling at Shane through the Rebel. No I'm not wearing pants, but I had long shorts on and they looked stupid and I couldn't be bothered to compile a whole outfit (see above re: cranky) so I'm on the internet pants-less now.

This is much more authentic. Also, it is an homage* to the Souster, who loves to wear big, soft sweaters with turtle necks and then retreat into them. I personally hate turtlenecks, but strangely I do love shawls and scarves around my neck.

Fringy shawl has teh fringe:

Soothing shawl from Mountain Mission's shop at 3631 7th Ave, Charleston, WV.

* I hate writing homage to a woman. There should be a word like femmage. And when people say HOMMIDGE, it hurts my brain. I wanna hear the French, people: "Oh-mazh."


  1. Me likeylikeylikey that shawl!!!! I've got a black velvet wrap that I have never sad is that?

    I'm a cranky-butt tonight, too...



  2. I'm awake, but too cranky for technicalities myself. I've been seeing a lot of it around. Makes me wonder what the planets are doing? That's another thing to add to my random research to do list when I decide to crawl out of my own cocoon.

    Another do list item is to make good on an invite for a joint "Treasure Chest Tuesday." I've recently found the musty heaven that is the Re-Store in Charleston and am in complete and total creative juices flowing infatuation. Date?

  3. I've got some pics of my little glass animals - will try to get them uploaded (and construct a semi-lucid post) sometime this week, if you want to use them for a Treasure Nest Tuesday in future :)

    I ought to adopt something along these lines, you know - a weekly topic. If I were organized, that is.

  4. I've been femmaged?


    Note: I disappear into all tops - sweaters, tshirts, whatevs.

    My woobie-need has found me tucking my nose into camisoles before.


  5. Heidi, that's fabulous! If it's ready I'll run it this week:) Helps me out with "adjustment week." New job starts TODAY! :D

  6. I miss seein your -ness round the internet. insert any prefix-- awesome, sweet, mommy, UU, buffy, clever....

    nomnom cozy shawlness, seasonably appropriate, at least for the first thunderstorm of the SF bay a few days ago.

    have a happy grand adjustmenmt week my dear! <3