Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #36: Happy Feet

I decided it was cool enough to break out real, enclosed, toe-hating shoes. My crazy long monkey toes don't like to be caged in, but this is the most comfortable pair of non-sandals I've ever owned in my life. They're Danskos from Past & Present, from the first time I worked there.

Shane & I took the Bird to the playground for a photo date, so I played with my feet for blog fodder and took some fun photos of the girl, too.

The worn-in-ness of these shoes is awe-inspiring. Comfort, even for these toes:

It also just now occurred to this mother of a three and a half year old child that my feet are no longer pregnancy-swollen and I can wear my toe rings again. Lovely. Just in time for the cold. Then after I re-adorned my toes, I got tickled with myself that I have more jewelry on my nose & toes than in my ears & vowed to shop soon for some surgical steel piercer studs to dot my scarred lobes. They were way pierced back when Kurt was alive and my shoes weighed twenty pounds.


  1. Ah, I miss the 90's sometimes.
    "They were way pierced back when Kurt was alive and my shoes weighed twenty pounds."

  2. I still have 20lbs shoes I Love to wear...and toe rings rock, I have of course 13 ear holes, one nose hole and many rings on hands and toes...that is always the fun and bliss of life...oh and I love Danskos!

  3. Saw this on LJ today and thought of you - don't know if rivka is on your friends list? She did a presentation to her kid's preschool about people with disabilities (she has a short right arm) and it seemed like the sort of thing you'd handle brilliantly too! http://rivka.livejournal.com/536634.html