Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween. Plus Sunshine & Rainbows. Seriously.

So I'm driving from my little brick mess on the West Side toward my neat little shop on the East End, and I'm in a melancholic & poetic mind space. Being me, it seemed significant and beautiful to be driving toward the dawn on Samhain. Adding to the drama of the moment was a blanket of cloud cover that created this perfect, soft horizon of shade that opened to the east. Almost happy with the sweetness of the moment, I parked my Golden Oldie and made an effort to summon a bit of lightness to my mood. (I'm heavy with losing daylight and lives and such.)

I got out of the car, turned to the west and said to the sky: "No. Fucking. Way." Then, like a madwoman, I laughed out loud as raindrops plopped and I snapped a phone camera image of a double rainbow from a dawning sun on Halloween morning.

No fucking way.

I am still on a cuteness buzz as I mull over my weekend plans and wait for a team of volunteers. Tonight my old circle's doing their Sabbat and I might attend. I'm feeling more like a quiet night in bed with a Burton movie and  my new sketchbook with the girl leaning into my knees. Tomorrow, my friend is hosting a Dia de los Muertos party, and I'll need to fix up some things about Mom, Grandma, and Holly for the altar.

I feel like being in a gothic cathedral alight with candles under a Virgin Mother with open arms and a bleeding heart. My pagans might bring the same awe/peace so I might listen to this need for ritual and do circle.

It's time to start my morning of good, satisfying work. Maybe that will ground me. Maybe the mystical twists of death-magic-grief and rainbows will stay with me.

Remember your dead, and watch the sun rise, peak, and set as it starts to crawl into its winter chill.


  1. that is a beauuuuutiful picture!

  2. You are so very talented....and that picture was just what I!!!!!!
    Love , Mama Janet