Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #37: Creepy Porcelain Doll

'Tis the season. Shane is horrified by my return to Creepy Ass Babydoll Art. He begs me to focus on the big (doll free) project for the upcoming Artmares show. I may not have time to get my goth on with my new dollies for the show, but some Darkness shall be made, I vow.

I was looking for cool old picture frames or signs with interesting typography to cut up, but as I passed by this creature, I was instantly both scared by her crazy eyes and in love. She's porcelain, too. Her torso's stuffed with old Tawainese whatever but her head and hands and wee Mary Jane-clad feet are tinkly precious porcelain. And look at her expressive, questioning brows. She is awesome.

Isn't it wicked how her bow is like a big red X gash?

RAWR. Fear teh crazeh doll lady.


  1. she doesnt scare me.. ok maybe a little.. and ive had a lot of porcelain dolls..

    my daughter on the other hand is squee'ing, pointin at the doll, and saying MIIIINE!

  2. :D Now you know why I hid it from Molly. She'll be creepier after I alter her some.

  3. She is just a bit creepy...

    I actually have a porcelain doll that my aunt made of me when I was in Kindergarten. Dusting that thing as I aged kinda freaked me out.

  4. She didn't look too creepy on my iPod, but on the computer she's ADORABLY CREEPY!!!!

    (Mike finds all dolls creepy. WTF?)


  5. Girl, you need a new post. This doll is SUPER FREAKING CREEPY!

  6. Hi
    I'm hoping you still run this site and to get any info I can on the doll in the picture. I have one with similar painting on the face and would love to know the origin etc. Mine was inherited from my Grandma and at the very least would be 30+ years old. She possibly brought it over from England. Any info would be great

  7. Rebekah, I'm sorry I can't help more: I found the doll in a thrift store in Charleston, WV, a couple of years ago. I've never made any art piece from it, and if you want to email me I'd be more than happy to mail her to you as a gift. Because Grandmas are awesome:) heidi (at) daisybones.com

  8. I hope you get this but your doll is a twin to my Anne..I found her in a thrift shop up here in Ohio and fell in love. My mom got her for me today for my birth..just thought I'd throw that out there~!