Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wow! With the Busy...

So. It's my day "OFF" in which I have already
  • fetched 4:00 am milk, promised Molly I will explain the Easter Bunny and why she (what!? It's SO Pagan) is not a man/person like Sandy Claws (thanks Tim!) and why we can only pretend it is Easter tomorrow but it isn't really but yes Halloween is soon but no, alas! not tomorrow.
  • Dredged sleepy baby from bed to cartoons to tub. Was Daphne and she was Scooby as we washed up.
  • Won argument that it IS too chilly for wet hair and blow-dried baby hair.
  • Dropped baby at preschool.
  • Popped in store for two minutes, stayed 30.
  • Found WICKED SWEET parking on Capitol and parked The Liberal Propaganda Machine, as Shane has dubbed Goldie.
  • Had an orgasm eating pumpkin pie at Taylor Books. Almost really.
  • Planned out Staff Meeting for tomorrow.
Now, I just have to:
  • Pick up the Bird.
  • Convince her that yes I AM working but not at the Workshop, which is what she calls the store:) Cause it's a shop, where I work. Duh, Mommy!
  • Throw down with some logo design for a candidate for local office. (Leading Shane to sigh: More liberal propaganda! Although compared to me & my car this darling guy is quite the moderate.)
  • Catch up on reading a poetry manuscript for a cover illustration.
  • OMGBlogTreasureNestTuesdaySHITtotallyForgot.
  • Check in with builder buddy making a SWEET object that is a SECRET for a show called ArtMares, which is SICK. The West Coast kinda sick meaning, like... wonderful. Sick referring to both the show and the object.
So: I'm off like my dog chains at the NIN show security gate in 1995.(True story: Hid 'em under trash bin & they were waiting for me after, in my lame chain-free outfit that once was vaguely bondagey & industrial but was then just a plain white boy's tee with black leggings and 200 pound boots.)

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  1. Personally, I am all about the liberal propoganda!!! Kudos! You are so freakin' busy these days. I can tell when you don't post as much. Remember to always take a couple minutes for yourself. I loeve you, sweetie! Hugs to the Birdy!