Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Art Tasting

I'm almost definitely doing illustrations for an amazing book- the darling weaver of pink mojo Lissa Rankin of Owning Pink is working on a beautifully empowering book. She needs to show some samples of my work to the editor/publisher team. This is what I'm sending as a gestalt of the medical/mystical mash-up that is me:

Yoni Prayer, from my participation in the Sexography publicity a year or two back:

Remedy for Silence, created this spring for a show at Guru Tattoo, may that glorious institution be resurrected again and SOON!). It's also my favorite piece of 2009:

Small Heart Prayer, made one evening as I worried over a friend's cardiac emergency:

The almost famous Eccentricity Revolution for Wild Women poster created from the adorable & powerful words of Christine Reed at BlissChick. Lissa's manuscript is full of levity that demands the whimsical daisy side of Mama Bones:)

As a bonus visual I give you this retro B-movie poster the Google spiders found when I was looking quickly for the Wild Woman poster:

(The state of my digital organization skills is evident in the fact that I head to Google for my own art images rather than my hard drive.)

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