Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stolen Moments

My schedule is starting to swallow me. I realized how critical it could be when I was cautioned during a meeting with the Director and Board members that ten and eleven hours days are going to catapult me toward burn-out. Then today I realized my neighbor friend and I haven't seen each other in weeks. She lives half a city block from me. Less.

The only blog comments I'm getting are an onslaught of robospam on a weirdly random poetry post. (You may notice that the Captcha is back. Hoping the bugs are fixed.)

I've got to take charge of my time carefully. I've created some chunks of art time but the trade-off is long hours at the shop this week. I'll be fine, though. I also scheduled time off during the great American holiday of bake-sweet-potatoes-and-pies-and-don't-get-obsessed-about-indigenous-cultures-day. 

Anyway, I hope I can find room to keep the blog alive and keep some space in my life & mind to reflect and relate this life. I'm loving this- being challenged but feeling at home. There are a lot of applications for funky creative thinking in this role,  which is wonderful.

Right now I'm reveling in a few minutes alone. Shane's out to fetch the girl from a Grandies movie date and to pick up groceries. First he guided me in a dinner brainstorming session. Our challenge: to create a vegetarian meal for one (He's having burger night with the brother-in-law) using only food available at the lame-ass local store that doesn't even carry black fucking beans, much less tofu. (We are too Sunday-lazy to go to Krogers where more exotic fare can be had.) He arrived at the solution: Grilled cheese with tomato & onion and canned broccoli soup. This sounds delicious to me, even after a run of great real soups lately.


  1. Oh sweetie, I wish I could have given you some kind of warning about the evils of retail mangement. Even when you LOVE what you're doing, it just zaps the life right out of you. It's one of those things that you just have to learn on your own, and how to bettter manage on your own, as each situation is unique.

    Here's a yummy,easy soup:

    1 can tomato soup
    1 can French onion soup
    1 can water
    parmesean cheese to taste
    croutons, if desired

    Mix 'em & heat until cheese is melty. I like it with lots of cheese! garnish with croutons, or even dunk with toast points.

    I love you, sweetie!


  2. I'm finding no time to write either...and your semi-infrequent posts are still far more creative than mine at the moment :)

  3. ((((((((((((((love)))))))))))))))))

    Life has been hectic and boring lately, at the same time. I've been tuning out a lot, so I haven't made time for blogs in a WHILE (1000+ on my reader. Hitting "mark all as read" :sigh.)

    But you're always with me, in my heart. Know that, even when we go for awhile without talking/ chatting/writing.

    PS: you should have just gotten an email from me. A short prologue to it is on my LJ.

  4. hey hey. thinking about you lots. miss you.

    started a new poetry/writing blog. yay! check it out: