Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Goth

I just scored Jack & Sally plushies!

(photo by seller stuffofKtown)

Regarding an email exchange between me & my Nellveeta-boo, in which she wonders about my influence when I mention Tim Burton gear as possible Molly gifts...

I swear this is how it happened:

Scene 1:
Tantrumy two year old finally passes out with mama after first fighting not to nurse and settle and then screaming to nurse. Mama tip-toes out and puts in a Netflix DVD of the Nightmare Before Christmas, assumed to be too scary for toddlers.

Sleepy toddler shuffles into mama's room and accuses, "You aw watching cawtoons! Wiffout meh!" Mama explains it's a grown up "cartoon" but sees the baby's eyes shimmer with the Dawn of Fangirlism. Sleepy baby snuggles up and two Tim Burton fanatics enjoy their favorite movie together for the first time.

Scene 2:
Two weeks later, mama is jonesing for some Weeds or Angel, and tries to explain to the little bit about movie rental. The child is Royally Pissed and demands that we steal the movie.

Several months later, Netflix begins to offer 'Nightmare' as a freebie to watch instantly. Molly watches it 1,000+ times that year, and then sings the opening song loudly to everyone in the holler as she Trick-or-Treats. We return home after candy-hustling to our Jack Skellington-O-Lantern.

The Corpse Bride has a similar story in our family. Shane found it in a $5 bin at a discount store, and I hesitated to show it to her. Now we play Corpse Bride daily in the house. So, I might have reinforced her lurve, but I insist she came to Camp Burton on her own:)

In closing, AliceInWonderlandzOMGMadDeppHatterWowsquee.


  1. I have these & the kids ignore them now. If I'd know, I'd have dropped them in he mail for you.

  2. I always wanted to like Tim Burton, but I just don't. :( Even Mr Deppalicious doesn't make it for me (tho I'll go see Alice, just in case...)

  3. Damn, Steph! I wish I'd known, Ah well. She'll be filled with squee- I'm excited!

  4. Lexie- how weird! An area where we don't share a brain:D