Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Bloggervillle

I miss you, netizens. I miss this post-composer page and I miss doodling goofy things and my scanner and I miss turning "I should blog this" thoughts into actual posts.

Things I should have blogged: Jake Gyllenhaal is an epic hottie and he isn't even the hottest Gyllenhaal.  Avatar should have had a trauma warning for earth worshipers. One can have a sinus infection on a colossal scale and not notice until one wakes up and wonders why the room is spinning like 10 shots of tequila. That Anavert is a cruel joke. That Shane's getting me a tattoo for Christmas. That the potential tattoo caused a minor cultural freakout solved by the wondrous Lexie, who reminded me I'm not Jewish.

The room-spin is minor, but the creepy, vibrating pressure in my head remains, along with stumbling and a fun hint of nausea. In a nutshell, the last week of 2009 can suck it. I'll be back in twentyten with something interesting to write or some cute drawings if wit fails.


  1. We're sick, too. Lots of love to you guys and I hope you are better very, very soon!

  2. Feel better soon, dearie! We still have to give Mollly her Christmas gift!

    And please DO elaborate on your tatoo freakout. When has ink ever been an issue for you?

    Much love