Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tattoo Freakout Elaboration

By request, I shall explain The Tattoo Crisis of 2009.

1. Get the needle jones as Bu &  I are wandering the aisles of Big Box Store doing ye olde Christmas spend orgy.

2. Convince the Bu that opening a thing in a package is WAY less fun than getting repeatedly stuck by buzzing needles.

3. Declare: This shall be a text tattoo about typography lust as well as the awesome literary quote I decide to use. Get shot down from the doors of perception, blah blah because The Doors cliche-ified Blake. Wrinkly my nose at the long, patriarchal passage from Steppenwolf.

4. Remember the great and lovely nursery rhyme I found in a Kingsolver book while pregnant, that inspired me to plop a Y into Shane's name so that Molly's middle name means beautiful in Yiddish.  Have w00t moment.

5. Begin to have cogs in brain turn thusly: Yiddish --> Jewish --> Tattoos Forbidden!!!zOMG!!!1!!!! --> Jews EVERYWHERE will die of anger at the meshuggeneh inked chick who has slandered their cherished faith.

6. Reality check from Lexie, who shrugs and suggests that unless I have a rabbi to impress I am a go for Yiddish song tattoo. She promises that many contemporary Jews actually have tattoos themselves. I feel like a dork because here in the low-rent WASPy hills, I have exactly one Jewish friend and he is adorably old school. He's also adorably adorable, but the crush boat sailed many years ago. Now he owns a convenience store/art gallery. Could you DIE?

So, the state of the ink right now is pondering whether I can orchestrate a bit of a hook up with regards to pricing a tattoo, and thinking of fonts to play with. And the Ganesha is still wobbling around its little metaphor placenta in my head awaiting the time of its birth. So.


  1. go for it!!!

    I want tattoos, lots of them but i cant pick one. i'm going to have to just go for it.

  2. I love tatts. I will have two more this year I'm sure. I want a cupcake on one shoulder blade and a cookie on the other. As soon as I find an example of a good cookie tatt, I'll be on my way.

    I always wanted a tatt of part of the melody from the song I sang as a lullaby for my kids (Golden Slumbers by the Beatles) but was told that the lines in the bars of music would never look good so I gave up. I may have to revisit the idea one of these days.

  3. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! Paige, if musical bars can be pretty, I can do it. :D That's my favorite Beatles song. Very bittersweet- my mama sang it to me and it always makes me ache for her. Love and hugs to you!

    Dave- draw an idea out of a hat & get inked! Heh... they *are* as addictive as the multi-tattoed people always warn.

  4. Glad to know I'm not alone in my deep and profound love of that song! Now I can't get my tatt ideas out of my head! Gonna have to google cookie tattoos now. *sigh*