Friday, December 11, 2009

Treasure Nest.... Friday #39: Flower Pendant Rescue

I found this sweet pendant at the shop. It was missing whatever used to be in the center, but I happened to also find a single oval ear stud. I adopted them for a few bucks and married them in a lovely Hot Glue Ceremony. It's like the flower is having a silver egg baby.

Above is the necklace with the plastic snowflake garland I draped over every single surface in the house. Below we see the results of Allergy Roulette (pretty successful) with earrings.

Soon, I'll do a Treasure Nest post of my beloved store- I even got clearance from our marketing guru. (I was paranoid about getting dooced. Did you hear the Dooce-as-verb question on Jeopardy? I cackled an evil Mommy Bloggers Have Officially Infiltrated The Mainstream cackle.)

*Cough* YWCA Past & Present Gently Used Clothing is located at 1598 Lee Street, E at the corner of Elizabeth, and is filled with damn new to vintage awesome, like-new fashions, a kick-ass bargain basement, unicorns, and glitter. Seriously- I have proof to be posted later. Follow us and let me sell you some stuff that isn't broken:D

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