Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Darlin' Christine at TheBlissChick has a redesign, featuring a header by me that I love so much I had to repost it:D

See? I make pretty:

Her latest post is a great one for creatives. How Pavlov's Dog Can Help You Get Big Things Done is a really yummy post title:) I have music that gets me to The Zone instantly. If I listen to Pearl Jam's Ten album, I am transported to a painting marathon my senior year of high school, trying to turn out quantity/quality for an AP credit test. (Um... slacker fail...) Tool takes me to the painting studio at State, and Songs In The Key of X takes me to the blast of synergy and sleeplessness that produced my senior art show. And running throughout all those memories we have The Tori, whose fairy bell/banshee wail always tops off my mojo supply.

Thanks, Christine, for being a beacon of sweetness for creatives and spiritualists and just plain CHICKS who need some nibbles of bliss.

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